Application Process

Job Application

Applications must be completely (not a single blank line) and legibly filled out and signed or they will not be considered. A resume may be included, but it should not be longer than one page and MUST accompany a completed and signed application. Be sure to use your mailing address in your contact information, as the pony express has not been active in the area for some time, and follow-up correspondence may be necessary via the US Postal Service. Download and complete applications, then mail or scan and email.

A note to parents/guardians/spouses: Only serious applicants should apply by themselves. Calling on behalf of applicants, filling out applications on behalf of applicants, or attempting to interview with applicants doesn't instill confidence with this employer that the applicant is a responsible or dependable future employee. Bearizona Wildlife Park welcomes applicants of all ages and understands that the job finding process holds many teachable opportunities. We expect parents/guardians/spouses to be supportive, and encourage their application to demonstrate a level of independence and fortitude.