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Alaskan Tundra Wolf

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Alaskan tundra wolves are a sub-species of the gray wolf. They are found in a small area along the coast of northern Alaska.

The tundra wolf is a pack animal. They exist in well-organized social groups of up to 20 animals with a breeding male and female controlling the pack.

Facultative Carnivores

Wolves are part of the carnivore family, but sometimes they will consume berries, roots, or other non-meat items. You may think this makes them an omnivore, but they are actually considered facultative carnivores. This means that they primarily eat meat, but are able to ingest and obtain some nutrition from non-meat items as well. However, they cannot thrive without meat as a major part of their diet.

Common Name Tundra Wolf

Scientific Name Canis lupus tundrarum

Type Mammal

Status Worldwide, wolves are considered "least concern". There are some subspecies whose numbers are less stable, some significantly so.

Diet Carnivore

Geographic Range Along the coast of Northern Alaska

Life Span 6-8 Years in the wild, up to 17 years in captivity

Offspring 4-7 pups