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American Badger

Meet Annie & Frank

Badgers are members of the skunk and weasel family and have a large range, all the way from British Columbia throughout western Canada and the U.S. down to southern Mexico. When threatened, American badgers vocalize by hissing and growling, and will sometimes emit a musky odor.

Built to Dig

Badgers are carnivores and usually prey on animals living in or near the ground such as insects, prairie dogs, mice, ground-dwelling birds, and groundhogs. They have long, curved front claws and shovel-like back claws that help them dig into burrows in search of food.  Badgers will sometimes bury food for later use, too.

Nighttime Adventures

Badgers are nocturnal and prefer to hunt in the open at night and sleep in dens during the day. While they don't hibernate the same way a bear does, they will sometimes sleep for several days at a time during winter.

Common Name American Badger

Scientific Name Taxidea taxus

Type Mammal

Status Least Concern

Diet Carnivore

Geographic Range Range from the Great Lakes west to Pacific Coast, and from Canadian Prairie Provinces south to Mexican Plateau

Life Span 15 - 20 Years

Offspring 1 - 5 Cubs