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Fennec Fox

Meet Cleo


Cleo is our cute and spunky fennec fox! Fennec foxes are types of canids (also known as canines), similar to gray foxes, coyotes, and wolves. These little fluff balls are the smallest of the canid species. Weighing around 2 to 3 pounds on average these foxes face no small feat while surviving in one of the harshest environments in the world. As a native resident of the Sahara desert and other areas of North Africa, they need to be prepared for just about anything. They are well adapted to living in harsh heat and brutal cold temperatures. They find most of their water in the plants they eat, like roots, leaves, and fruits. But they are also great at finding insects, small rodents, and other meaty meals. At Bearizona, Cleo loves eating super worms, carnivore meat diet, dried bugs, blueberries, apples, and carrots. She’ll eat her lettuce too, but we all know greens aren’t everybody’s favorite.

Charming Adaptations


As you watch Cleo strut her stuff, perhaps around our gift shop, take a close look at her ears. As a fennec fox, Cleo sports the largest ears to body size ratio of all the canid species. But these big ears aren’t just for show! Large ears help her to release heat when she gets too hot and they help her to hear her prey. When you see her little feet notice how fluffy her toes are. The fluffy fur between their toes help fennec foxes move across the hot sand of the dessert by protecting them from heat and helping them balance on the sand. And their feet don’t just help them move. Fennec foxes are great at digging burrows to live in! Sometimes they live with other fennec foxes and sometimes they live by themselves. Just like other fennec foxes, Cleo is a fantastic jumper. She can jump about three feet in the air!

Common Name Fennec Fox

Scientific Name Vulpes zerda

Type Mammal

Status Least Concern

Diet Omnivore