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Grizzly Bear

Meet Hanna, Sky, and Crockett 

All three of our grizzly bears were born in Montana. These brown bears are considered Grizzly bears since they came from the lower 48 states. There are currently about 55,000 wild Grizzly bears in North America, most of which live in Alaska.

Fishing Fanatics 

These awe-inspiring giants tend to be solitary animals—with the exception of females and their cubs—but at times they do congregate. Large gatherings of grizzly bears can be seen at prime Alaskan fishing spots when the salmon run upstream for summer spawning. Dozens of bears may gather to eat, craving fats that will sustain them through the long winter ahead. Grizzly bears are omnivores, so much of their diet consists of nuts, berries, fruit, leaves, and roots. In addition to fish they also hunt other animals, from rodents to moose.

Common Name Grizzly Bear

Scientific Name Ursus arctos horribilis

Type Mammal

Status Threatened

Diet Omnivore

Life Span 25 Years