Our Animals


Meet our Javelina!


The four javelina that live at Bearizona are Jerome, Olivia, Joe and Bacon Bits. Javelina, also known as collared peccary, is a species of hoofed mammal that can be found in North, Central & South America.

Javelina roam in herds averaging 10 to 20 animals but herds of 40+ animals have been seen! They stay in these herds to protect themselves from predators that include mountain lions, bobcats & coyotes. In order to help identify their herd, the javelina uses a scent gland on the top of their rumps which they will rub on each other, trees, rocks, etc.

Pigs or not pigs?

They look similar, but pigs are from the "Old World" and peccary are "New World" animals. There are many other differences most having to do with differences in physical anatomy. 

Common Name Javelina

Scientific Name Tayassu tajacu

Type Mammal

Status Least Concern

Diet Herbivore

Geographic Range South western United States, Mexico and Central America

Life Span 20