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North American River Otter

River otters are mammals seen on land and in the water, Often found living along rivers but also near lakes and swamps. They have webbed feet that help them swim through the water with the help of their tail that helps guide them in the right direction. Their fur is a durable, water-repellent coat to help them swim in colder temperatures.  

Water Hunters

Otters do most of their hunting in rivers and lakes. They are able to see fairly well underwater but they also use their whiskers to help hunt for food. Their whiskers can sense vibrations of fish movement, so they are able to tell where the fish are in the water. They also can hold their breath for up to 8 minutes under water helping them chase their prey.

Common Name North American River Otter

Scientific Name Lontra canadensis

Type Mammal

Status Least Concern

Diet Carnivore

Geographic Range Found in all states and territories of the United States and Canada

Life Span 8 - 9 Years

Offspring 1 - 6 Pups