Our Mission

To promote conservation and preservation through memorable and educational encounters with North American Wildlife in a natural environment.

Conservation and Sensibly Green Practices

Bearizona practices what we like to call being “sensibly green”. Throughout our park we try to make a lasting impact in ways that matter in terms of the following:

  • Rainwater Collection: Water is collected in retention ponds throughout the park for irrigation.
  • Recycled Over 200,000 tons of scrap metal and steel: This waste material is used to form the foundation of our waterfalls and man-made rock sculptures.
  • Home for Orphaned or Confiscated Wildlife: Over half of the animals that call Bearizona home are rescued or rehabilitated animals. Once here, they will spend the remainder of their lives in large naturalistic enclosures; digging, climbing, swimming, and playing with one another. Because of our size, we will be able to accommodate more animals in the future as we grow.