VIP Experience

Go backstage and meet some of our animal ambassadors and their friendly keepers. This up-close experience will fill your camera roll as well as your heart.

VIP Experience at Bearizona
VIP Experience at Bearizona

Starting at $75 per person


Tours last approximately 90 minutes

Ticket Add-On

In addition to regular park ticket


Please check our calendar for availability

Free for Children

Children 0-3 years are free


All tours meet at Central Park

*Children 3 years of age and under are free and must sit on lap.
**VIP tickets do not include park admission and are required

***Prices may vary based on weekends and busy seasons.

What's Included

You will begin your tour at Central Park in the Fort Bearizona walk-thru area to meet your VIP Tour Guide. You will then enter the behind-the-scenes world of our Program Animal department. For the next 20 to 30 minutes, you will meet some of our more famous animals, like Turbo the African crested porcupine, and Girly the raccoon. Questions are welcome, and our keepers are more than willing to explain how the magic of how our shows happen.

This up-close experience will fill your camera roll as well as your heart. Learn many fun facts about how Bearizona’s training programs keep our animals happy, healthy and their lives enriched.

Jump on our Wild Ride bus with our entertaining tour guides who will take you through the drive-thru portion of the park and help you get to know each of the animals that you encounter along this 3-mile safari. Midway through your drive, you will jump off the bus for a unique backstage experience and viewing of our wolf training sessions. 

  • Each guest will be supplied with a tasty treat to feed to our majestic American bison along the way.
  • Each guest will receive a coupon for a drink of their choice at our patio bar or coffee trailer in Central Park. Drinks are allowed on our bus, but make sure you allow enough time to join your group.
  • It also includes 10% off in the gift shop.

*If you have mobility issues, please contact

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VIP Experience at Bearizona

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