Leisurely stroll through winding walkways of Fort Bearizona to get an up-close look at Jaguars, Grizzly Bears, and the playful antics of smaller animals.

Walk-Thru at Bearizona
Walk-Thru at Bearizona

What To Expect

Fort Bearizona is a separate walk-thru area, located directly after the drive-thru portion of the park. The Fort is also where all of the shows and animal encounters occur. There is also the “Bearizona Barnyard” petting zoo and a Mine Shaft Experience, which houses some nocturnal animals as well as some creepy, crawly critters.

There is the “Bearizona Barnyard” petting zoo (open Friday-Sunday ONLY through September – May, a Mine Shaft Experience which houses some nocturnal animals as well as some creepy, crawly critters and a unique exhibit that houses kindergarten bears not quite old enough to go into our adult enclosure. This exhibit has a very distinctive feature where visitors can walk into a cave which leads them to a large viewing glass of the bears’ den!

Event Schedule

10:30 am: Check out behind the scenes at our Grizzly enclosure. See the bears up close and watch some of the keepers train with the bears.

11:30 am: The BZ Wild show at central park near the stage.

1:30 pm: Help us feed our otters their lunch at the free otter feeding. Located at the otter enclosure

2:30 pm: The BZ Wild show. If you missed the morning show check the afternoon show out! There might even be some new critters that weren’t in the morning show.

4:00 pm: Grizzly bear chat and feed. Come learn the history of our Grizzly bears and maybe even help toss them an afternoon meal.

Animal Fun Facts

Interpretive signage is located throughout for guests to learn more about each animal. You can also download the Bearizona App to learn fun facts about all of the Bearizona residents. 

Walk-Thru at Bearizona

Walk-Thru Animals

Tom the turkery
Mulder sunning

Experience The Magic

Have you heard about the Animal After Party?
heard about the Animal After Party?