Red Fox

Meet Cassidy and Stitch

Located near our Barnyard area and American Badger enclosure in Fort Bearizona, these versatile carnivores have been seen in all sorts of environments and are able to adapt to different climates. 

Animal Details

Common Name
Red Fox
Scientific Name
Vulpes vulpes
Least Concern
Geographic Range
North America, Europe, Asia and parts of Africa
Life Span
10 years
1 to 12

Meet The Animal

This fox gets its name from its beautiful red coat. However, there are other color morphs of the red fox. There are some colorations that were created by breeding foxes in the pet trade. This can be seen in a range of colors from white, black, and other speckled coloring. 

Did You Know?

Red foxes are found on every continent except for Antarctica! They have the largest range of every mammal on the planet!

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