Program Animals

You can see us at 11:30 and 2:30 in shows at Central park and at random times throughout Fort Bearizona!

Animal Details

Common Name
Program Animal
Scientific Name
Bearizonidae animalii
Mammal, Reptile, Bird
Seeds, fruit, carrion a little bit of everything!
Geographic Range
Most common in the grasses and pine trees of Central Park Bearizona
Life Span
0-100 years

Meet The Animal

Harris Hawk, Livingston’s Turaco, Black Vulture, Crested Seriema, Raccoon, Fennec Fox, North American Porcupine, African Crested Porcupine, Striped skunk, Black and white Argentine Tegu, Burmese Python, Milksnake, Mountain Coati 3 banded armadillo

Their Behavior

Built for a life in education these animals thrive when guests are watching and learning about them. From catching wild grapes out of the sky, crawling in and out of logs to entering the limelight. There is nothing like surprising and delighting guests by displaying their natural behaviors!

Did You Know?

As your walking through fort Bearizona you might run into a few of these critters. Harris hawks from the South Western US, African Turacos, South American reptiles and everything in between! So keep your eyes up at your walking through Fort Bearizona. If you see any of these animals out and about take some pictures and ask their trainers some questions!

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Program Animals

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