American Badger

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Animal Details

Common Name
American Badger
Scientific Name
Taxidea taxus
Least Concern
Geographic Range
Most of the United States as well as down into Mexico and up into British Columbia
Life Span
15 - 20 Years
1 - 5 Cubs

Meet The Animal

These intelligent and outgoing mammals are found near our fox exhibit in Fort Bearizona. They are found in the same family as Skunks and Weasels or the mustelid family. These are distinguished because of the musk that they send off to either warn others of their presence or mark their territory. They are found primarily in North America. 

Their Behavior

Badgers are carnivores and usually prey on insects, prairie dogs, mice, birds, and other smaller rodents. They have long front claws and back claws that resemble a shovel that helps them dig into burrows in search of food. They are seen to dwell in underground burrows where they sleep during the day.

Badgers are nocturnal and prefer to hunt at night and sleep in their burrows during the day. Similar to a bear, they have been seen to not come out as often in the winter when it is colder in temperature and slow down but not necessarily hibernate, as a bear would.

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