White Bison

Animal Details

Common Name
White Bison
Scientific Name
Bovidae spp.
Least concern
Life Span
12 to 20 Years
1 calf

Meet The Animal

In the 1880s the entire population of bison in North America almost went extinct. To help save the species, farmers and bison breeders began to breed bison with other cattle species such as the Charolais. Because of the hybridization of bison and Charolais cattle, we now occasionally see the “not so rare” version of the white bison. Babies born to white bison mothers can be white, cream, tan and even dark brown in coloration. Despite not being as rare as a wild white bison, they are still an impressive animal to see!

Their Behavior

To protect their babies, bison will circle their entire heard around their calves. Any predator still looking to take a young bison will first have to mess with the horns of an adult.

Did You Know?

Some Native American cultures believe the wild white bison to be a sacred animal. It is true! To see a true white bison in the wild would be extremely rare!

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White Bison

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